Avoid These Common Roofing Scams


Roofing scams cost unsuspecting homeowners thousands of dollars every single year. The roof is an important structure on the home. It’s also high on top of the home and out of sight for most people. As result, homeowners tend to their trust into the word of beaverton roofing contractors, or people they assume to be roofers. Don’t make this same mistake. Instead, become a proactive homeowner who knows a scam when it comes their way and the best techniques to avoid the scams.

Trust Me

When a roofer fast talks and tells you to trust him this is the first sign that you should look deeper into what you are being told. Does the roof really need to be replaced? Did the insurance company already pay the claim? Don’t believe everything that you hear when it is easy to verify the details that you’ve been told.

Pay Attention

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We all have that gut instinct that tells us when something just isn’t right. The bad part is that many of us ignore this instinct. Don’t include yourself in that category and listen to yourself when something just doesn’t feel right. There is a good chance that something is wrong if your instincts tell you this.

Who’s There?

One of the biggest roofing scams out there today involves door-to-door roofers who offer free service or discounted rates to repair your roof. Be cautious of anyone who comes to your door to offer services. It should always be the other way around. Many times you’ll be ripped off if you hire these contactors and would-be roofers.

When you pay attention, it is easy to decipher when something just isn’t right. Don’t ignore those signs and get taken on an expensive roofing ride. Use the information above to help avoid such a catastrophe.