Lead Is A Problem In All Sorts Of Ways


Before there were problems associated with lead, it used to be a really helpful material. For a start is was incredibly bendable and it was also really resistant to corrosion. The Romans who actually did know better used to use to line aqueducts. Now the idea would horrify us. But it gives you an idea of how useful it is. It still is, incidentally.

Lead testing portland Oregon has to be done by competent and qualified testers in a laboratory and it has to be carried in controlled conditions. If you’re concerned that you’re dealing with a substance that might be lead-based, (the most obvious one is paint, but it could be from many different types of materials in old buildings), then you need to be sure – especially if you’re a landlord.

Getting a sample for testing

You can collect a sample yourself and deliver it to a lab to be tested. Check in with the lab concerned for their rules on how they will accept samples and you will need to comply with this 100 %. Laboratories are manic about maintaining their lab standards and your sample will be refused if it is not submitted correctly.

Lead testing portland Oregon

The usual method is to take a sample of the building material about the size of a man’s thumbnail up to about 3″ x 3″ depending on what it is. Seal it in a new sealable plastic bag which has never been used before. Collect layers. If you take the top level of paint, it’s unlikely there is lead. Lead has not been used in paint for years. You need to get right down to the bottom layers of paint, that’s where the lead will be,

There is so many alternatives to lead-based materials, better to use the alternative.