Why Use Spray Foam Insulation?


Insulating your home provides a stunning method of improving energy-efficiency and comfort that saves you money and brings peace of mind your way. But, before you call a professional to schedule insulation installation, it’s time to learn why using delaware spray foam is the best option. Most people who insulate their homes use spray foam because they’re aware that it offers such stunning benefits. It’s time to learn the benefits firsthand and make the right call when you want to install insulation.

Great Insulator

delaware spray foam

Spray foam insulation is better at insulating the home than other insulation types. It expands well so it creates a tight seal between any gaps found in the crawlspace, creating an air-tight seal. It has an R6 ranking, the highest sold today.

Creates a Moisture Barrier

Moisture can cause an array of problems in the home. Mold is one of the biggest concerns that moisture creates. Mold grows in any wet or moist environment. When spray foam insulation is used, this risk is reduced.

Save Energy

Spray foam provides significant advantages to those who want to reduce energy consumption. Spray foam has proven itself a winner at improving energy-efficiency time and time again and it will do the same for you!

Save Money

As you reduce energy consumption around the home, you’ll notice that your energy costs also decrease and you spend less money each month to cool/warm the home. More comfortable temps and more money in your pocket? It sounds like a winning situation for any family.


When spray foam is used to insulate the house, expect long-lasting results that protect your home and your wallet. Spray foam lifetime varies from one product to another, but when a quality product is chosen, you can expect to enjoy about 20+ years.